ECM Mechanika V Slim Package

Package Includes:

  • Mechanika V Slim Espresso Machine
  • Sanremo SR58 Grinder
  • Barista Ace 600mL Milk Jug
  • Tamper
  • Cafetto Espresso Clean 500g
  • 1kg Santos Beans

Mechanika V Slim

  • Very compact design
  • High-end ECM brew group with innovative stainless steel bell
  • Large stainless steel boiler (2.2 l)
  • Easy access to the water tank due to removable cup warming tray
  • 2 ergonomic ECM portafilters with weight-balanced shape and angled grip
  • Easy access to the expansion valve for an individual brew pressure adjustment

$4,051.00 $3,695.00 Including GST

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