Created by artisan roasters, Santos Coffee contains the soul of the city.

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Santos Coffee contains the soul of the city. Created by artisan roasters with a passion to supply our customers with the world’s finest coffees.

As artisans we know coffee inside-out, and we know what works for different requirements. We offer our café and corporate customers the full package: supply, service and support. This ensures you can concentrate on serving great coffee at your café or workplace without any of the associated headaches. We serve our customers best by having great products and equipment delivered with awesome service from well-trained people. Our team knows every aspect of the coffee business. They can answer any questions you have and make you a great coffee to top it off.

It’s this kind of service from a large behind the scenes team that will make all the difference to your business. We’re confident you’ll love Santos Coffee, which is why we won't tie you down to a contract. At Santos Coffee we blend everything together to provide you the best coffee experience.

Fancy getting our award-winning blends and a rockin’ espresso machine in your café?

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It’s a fine art creating quality blends, because a blend is greater than the sum of its parts. When creating a blend, our goal is to achieve a balanced, distinct flavour profile that can then be consistently reproduced. Beans are chosen for their ability to complement each other, based on flavour, aroma and body. For this reason, blends often provide a more complex character when compared to varietals or single origin beans.

A lot of factors goes into the blending process to ensure strict quality control. This includes a lot of coffee cupping, or tasting, to observe the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. It’s here that we identify the flavour profiles, much like a chef does with food. We then experiment until we have the ideal blend.

One way we are able to produce consistent blends is in the way we roast and blend. We roast the beans separately, then blend them. This allows us to roast each bean exactly how we want to, and the way that we know will produce optimal results for that bean.

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