Why us?

As artisans we know coffee inside-out, and we know what works for different requirements. We offer our café and corporate customers the full package: supply, service and support. This ensures you can concentrate on serving great coffee at your café or workplace without any of the associated headaches. We serve our customers best by having great products and equipment delivered with awesome service from well-trained people. Our team knows every aspect of the coffee business.. They can answer any questions you have and make you a great coffee to top it off.

It’s this kind of service from a large behind the scenes team that will make all the difference to your business. We’re confident you’ll love Santos Coffee, which is why we won't tie you down to a contract. At Santos Coffee we blend everything together to provide you the best coffee experience.

Commercial Espresso Machines

We’ve seen and used a lot of different coffee machines over the decades.

We’re proud to use, recommend and represent Sanremo espresso machines and grinders, manufactured in Treviso, Italy. Like us, Sanremo is a family-owned business, with a factory producing outstanding machines. They have a tightknit team who like us are focused on excellence.

Aesthetically, Sanremo machines are not only beautiful, but they’re also extremely reliable and easy to use. We have models to suit every size environment, from the small office to the large corporate workplace and busy cafē.

If you want reliability, beauty and perfection, choose Sanremo.


Producing the perfect coffee is a lifelong commitment. We are constantly searching for quality coffee that stands out with first class production values and taste. We choose our coffee to reflect different regions around the world; which when roasted our way and then blended together create our unique Santos flavour.

A lot goes into delivering you the perfect coffee. Even with our depth of experience we spend time developing blends to suit different types of coffees. Some blends work better as espresso, and others a flat white or plunger, etc. Key to everything though is freshness. We batch roast single origins, and then blend them to create distinct taste profiles. This ensures the individual origins are roasted perfectly as opposed to pre-blending and then roasting.

The beans are then left to de-gas before getting packed into one way valve coffee bags (to keep oxygen out and a low gas to be released, keeping beans as fresh as possible) and then shipped to our customers.


We help reduce the environmental impact of bad agriculture practice by choosing beans from sustainable farms. Santos Coffee is dedicated to helping people preserve the environment, which is why traceability and sustainability in sourcing coffee beans is very high on our agenda.

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation that works to conserve biodiversity and promote the rights and well-being of workers, their families and communities. Farms that meet comprehensive standards for sustainability earn the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal. These standards conserve biodiversity, ensure that soils, waterways and wildlife habitat is protected and that farm workers enjoy decent housing, access to medical care and schools for their children.

Farms must commit to a process of continuous improvement and are audited each year in order to maintain their certification. By shopping for products bearing the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, you can support a healthy environment and help to improve the quality of life for farm families. To learn more about the Rainforest Alliance, visit www.rainforest-alliance.org.

Our History

The Wyatt name is synonymous with coffee and tea in New Zealand, dating back to when the Wyatt family purchased Wilcock's Tea in 1966. Lance Wyatt saw a need to start a fresh roasted coffee movement here but import duties made it cost prohibitive to roast coffee in the early 80s. So Lance built his own coffee roasting machine in 1983, it wasn't pretty but it was effective. It has been estimated the ugliest roaster in the world and produced 3,000,000 kilos over that time. Aaron grew up in the industry, working for his dad during school holidays, until he joined full-time in 1999 as a coffee machine technician.

Santos Coffee was founded in 1995 by Brazilian native, Marcelo de Souza. Marcelo started the roastery in Mt. Eden, before opening the iconic Santos Café in Ponsonby, where it was part of the scenery for many years. The roastery was moved to the top of New North Road in Kingsland, until selling Santos to the Wyatts in 2012.

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