Commercial Espresso Machines

Café Racer

The Café Racer, which is the official machine of the World Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirit Championships 2018-2020, has the look and presence of a power laden, stripped back, custom motorbike. Standing out in the crowd, it oozes the rebellious attitude of ‘50’s bikers, with Sanremo’s clear Italian heritage and innovative technical engineering. Melding these elements, Sanremo has created a coffee machine for you that demands attention and commands respect. What sets the Café Racer apart?

It is the first espresso machine with a dashboard on each group head. Once set up using its intuitive dashboard interface, its ease of use means that baristas with all levels of technical know-how can create fantastic results. The Café Racer contains the most advanced temperature and water volume control, delivering exceptional precision, at high volume.

20+ kilograms per week

Verona RS

WCE certified temperature stability and energy efficient extraction, the Verona RS multi-boiler is a classic sporty espresso machine with a retro design.

The temperature of each coffee boiler can be set separately for each unit in order to produce the end product for the blend or single origin coffee being used. The dispensing of water for coffee and steam is kept completely separate, preventing any unwanted variances.

The Verona RS is an amalgamation of reliable classic engineering and modern technology. Controlled pre-infusion together with the sophisticated electronic system can significantly increase the strength, body and sweetness of the coffee extracted.

15-20 kilograms per week


A design that is not just aesthetically appealing but also comprises the models of audio systems used in the 1960s, combining past times with modern sturdiness. Torino is a machine that stands out from the crowd. All details are fully visible thanks to spotlights, which give it a vibrant look resembling a suspended note. With this machine, Sanremo quality and reliability are able to express themselves to the fullest.

- Spotlights
- SED and SAP versions: two declination of Torino to suit every need;
- Service Bluetooth System to manage, using Bluetooth, all the technical assistance parameters.

10-20 kilograms per week


The Zoe gives you more control over the taste of your coffee than any other machine in its class and is specified to make a difference where it counts.

Shot timers came into high-end barista machines during the last decade, but single boiler machines at the more entry level of the market haven’t had the benefit of it. The Zoe vision changes that. The Zoe Vision shows its operator the actual time that the machine is taking to produce the desired espresso.

The unique Sanremo steam tip design makes it as easy as possible to prepare the fine moussed milk for latte art. And with big boiler sizes, there is always oodles of steam available for your busiest service periods.

10-15 kilograms per week

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